Friday Review of Attraction


What attracts you? What draws people to you? Here are a few posts about attraction you may have missed. Click the links to read the full messages.


“Build a better mousetrap, and the world will beat a path to your door.”





“Be the flame, not the moth.”





“Keep a green tree in you heart and a singing bird may come.”






Keep a green tree in your heart and a singing bird may come

“Keep a green tree in you heart and a singing bird may come.”

—Chinese Proverb

Image of a singing bird on a green tree

Image from Unsplash by Ray Hennessy

If you were a bird, what would cause you to visit a particular tree? Perhaps it was a good place to find food, protection from predators, or maybe a mate and a place to nest.

Your own song would be an announcement of sorts, letting the world know that you are here, looking to attract that special someone or something.


What are your heart-centered qualities that represent the growth and aliveness of a green tree?

What do you have to offer the world? Which of these qualities are most worth singing about?

I Want People Who Have to Dance

“I don’t want people who want to dance. I want people who have to dance.”

—George Balanchine, Founder of the New York City Ballet

Image of a Ballerina on a City Street

Photo by Kevin Lee on Unsplash

It is an unfortunate fact that some 70% of the working population doesn’t care much for the work they do.

Many would actually say they dread the thought of Monday morning, and rejoice in the “TGIF” theme song.

I consider this a tragedy for both employee and employer. A vast amount of time is spent in a spirit of boredom, apathy, regret, or just plain indifference. The accompanying lack of commitment, enthusiasm, and genuine passion for our work sometimes puts a dark cloud over our co-workers, and the organization as a whole.


What would be possible for you and your organization if you insisted on attracting people who absolutely have to dance?

Be the flame

“Be the flame, not the moth.”

—Giacomo Casanova, 18th Century Italian Writer / Adventurer

Image from

Image from

The term Casanova is synonymous with a man who attracts and seduces women, which of course, is not the purpose of today’s post!

My focus is on our attraction—and perhaps a bit of seduction—to and by the thoughts and ideas we come across as we go through our day.

It has become increasingly difficult, in our over-communicative world, to build a fire big enough, lasting long enough, to attract those we wish to engage in our efforts and enterprises.

In my former life as a science teacher, I showed my students how a single flame can change color based on adding chemical elements to the solution in the jar. When copper burns, for example, the flame is green. Sodium turns the flame bright yellow.


How can you add your unique elements into your flame to attract even more interest in what you have to offer the world?

To Have What You Want

“To have what you want, don’t want it—give it.”

-Author Unknown

Image from Flickr by Alvanman

Image from Flickr by Alvanman

A dozen years ago The Secret was all the rage. Wherever you looked in bookstores, on the internet, and on Oprah, everyone wanted to master the secret to a happier life. Many also referred to it as the Law of Attraction, which is inherent in phrases like, “what you think about comes about.”

Today’s quote puts a bit of spin on this idea in that it suggests we simply need to give what we want to get.

Consider this list of the things most people want, and perhaps add a few of your own:

Love Respect Praise Trust
Loyalty Joy Happiness Pleasure
Wealth Adventure Achievement Acknowledgement
Health Peace Friendship Encouragement


How and where can you get far more of what you want by generously giving it to others? With whom could you begin this practice today?