When is being lazy just what the doctor ordered

When is being lazy just what the doctor ordered?

—Calm App Reflection

Image from Unsplash by Aleksandar Cvetanovic

Being lazy is an approach to living that most people avoid or judge negatively. Taking the easy way out, goofing off, and not pulling your weight in your personal and professional activities will annoy and upset others.

Consider the animal kingdom for an alternative perspective.

Domestic dogs and cats can often be found lounging and relaxing. Select a few of your favorite wild animals to determine their levels of activity and leisure especially when food, water, and shelter are not an issue.

How often do you wish you could trade places with them to have a slower, lower stressed life?


Where and when can you prescribe and take a healthy dose of laziness?

Look to your pets as doctors for some coaching when you forget.

“People are not lazy. They simply have impotent goals…”

“People are not lazy. They simply have impotent goals. That is, goals that do not inspire them.”

—Tony Robbins, American self-help Author and speaker

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Image from Unsplash by Danielle MacInnes

Who are the lazy people you know personally or professionally? Where and on what occasions do you, too, have a lazy streak in which you prefer to disengage?

To what degree do you, and they, perk up and find energy to become fully engaged by other interests and abilities?

What are your most exciting and inspiring vocational and avocational interests—the ones where you find yourself “all in” and where time flies?


What changes can and will you make to super-charge the potency of goals for yourself and others?

Feel free to reply to this post with the inspired actions you take and the results that occur.