Explore the softening effect of an open heart

Explore the softening effect of an open heart. Enter new frontiers of your world unarmed and with your shields down.

—Calm App Reflection

Image from Unsplash by Tim Milk

A few weeks ago, I was invited out to breakfast with several walking buddies. The conversation took a nostalgic turn to examine the ways in which the world has changed since we were kids.

Back then things like virus protection and cyber-attacks were not part of our vocabulary, and it was not uncommon to leave our doors to our homes unlocked. Home security systems, double authentication, and constantly being on guard for scams and the latest Ponzi scheme were not on our radar. It seemed like a much simpler and friendlier time where mutual trust was the norm.


Where in your life do you have your shields up?

How does taking this stance influence your relationships with those around you?

How could a more open-hearted, unarmed approach enhance your life and the world around you?


“My job is to protect and to serve.”

“My job is to protect and to serve.”

Image from LAPD

Did you know the phrase “to protect and to serve” became the motto of the Los Angeles Police Department Academy in the mid-50s as the result of a contest? Its acceptance eventually expanded to the entire department, and it has been placed alongside the City Seal on all patrol cars.

Police protect and serve us by helping with emergencies such as car accidents, fires, illnesses, and rescues. Police can often be seen patrolling our streets and neighborhoods to prevent and solve crimes. When many of us would be paralyzed by fear or even run from such events, these brave men and women are often the first on the scene.


Who are the people you are committed to protecting and serving so they can live a happier and safer life?

Please make a point of including yourself on the list, and perhaps go a bit farther to lend the men and women in blue a hand from time to time.

Guard your good mood

“Guard your good mood.”

—Meryl Streep, Three Time Academy Award Winning Actor

Image of Changing of the Guards at Buckingham Palace

Image from Flickr by Dave Strom

Do you lock your home and your car before you leave them? Perhaps you may even have an alarm system, or a dog that barks when strangers come to your door.

Consider all the passwords and encryption systems used to protect your valuable data and, of course, your financial information.

Given today’s quote, who and what are the thieves that diminish or empty your “good mood” account?

Take a moment to get very specific about who, what, and how these daily bumps and roadblocks shift your ups to downs, often leaving you upset and drained.


What are some new and creative ways you can better guard and protect your mood and put more pep in your step?

A fun little book you might enjoy is Zapp: The Lightning of Empowerment