Be a lighthouse rather than a lifeboat

“Be a lighthouse rather than a lifeboat. Guide by example, and let others find their own way.”

—Barbara Kipfer, author of 14,000 Things to be Happy About

Image of a lighthose on a clear day

Image from Unsplash by Courtney Corlew

To what extend do you consider yourself a leader? Perhaps you are a manager or executive. Maybe you have your own company or plan on starting one soon. What is your leadership style? Are you a lighthouse that shines your light as a vision to guide and inspire? Perhaps you operate as a lifeboat, constantly doing far too much of the heavy lifting and seeing it as your job to save people and carry them to safety.

Who are the leaders that have inspired you through their good examples and challenged you to always be and do your best?

The key word in the last sentence is “Your,” which points to the critical aspect of living an authentic self-directed life.


Where might a “less you” and “more them” approach to leadership be the best approach to realize greater fulfillment and success for everyone?

Note: If you happen to be a parent, please try this approach with your children. Feel free to reply to this post and let me know how things go!

Constraints can unwittingly open doors

“Constraints can unwittingly open so many doors.”

—Lindsay Hunter, Chicago-based Fiction Writer

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The Theory of constraints is an important management system that helps businesses achieve their goals. The concept has proven to be beneficial in areas such as manufacturing, where it has improved service, on-time delivery, and reduced the need for excessive inventory.

Identifying constraints, or what some call bottlenecks or the weakest link in a chain, can help all of us become more efficient and effective simply by removing them or by finding a way around them.

Where, however, could constraints on either your personal or professional worlds actually serve you to explore and discover new opportunities?


Try a few thought experiments to examine the potential benefits of the following list of constraints:

  • Time: having a finite lifespan
  • Your memory
  • Money
  • Your health and fitness
  • The natural resources of the earth
  • Your belief system
  • Experience and knowledge
  • Space: your physical environment

Feel free to reply to this post with any insights you have, and opportunities you discover.

Friday Review Praise


Praise packs a potent level of empowerment. Here are a few praise-related posts you may have missed. Click to read the full message.


“Rain and sun are to the flower as praise and encouragement are to the human spirit.”




“Praise does wonders for our sense of hearing.”




“There is no verbal vitamin more potent than praise.”




“Rain and sun are to the flower as praise and encouragement are to the human spirit.”

“Rain and sun are to the flower as praise and encouragement are to the human spirit.”

—Author Unknown


Image from Flickr by solarisgirl

As a former science teacher, I am fascinated by the process of photosynthesis – that plants can use sunlight to make their own food seems nothing short of a miracle.

Man—and virtually all animals—eat these plants as our way of sustaining life. Yet we are feeding only the body portion of ourselves – leaving our souls and spirits a bit empty.


How can you feed others the important nutrient of praise and acknowledgement, and surround yourself with others who will offer it to you in return?