Friday Review: Action

Friday Review: Action

How often, and how quickly, do you take action? Here are a few related posts you may have missed.


“Without jumping off its perch, the bird would never fly.”




“You cannot talk your way out of something you behaved yourself into.”





“Your mind is a garden, your thoughts are the seeds, you can grow flowers, or you can grow weeds.”






“It’s time to bet on wisdom. It’s metabolized experience.”

“It’s time to bet on wisdom. It’s metabolized experience.”

Chip Conley, American hotelier, author, and speaker

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In 2018, Chip Conley founded the Modern Elder Academy (MEA) — the world’s first “midlife wisdom school” in Baja California.

His work has been dedicated to helping students re-imagine midlife as a time for learning, growth, and positive transformation through immersive workshops, sabbaticals, and a variety of digital programs.

His education includes an MBA from Stanford. In 1987 Chip founded Joie de Vire Hospitality that managed 50 boutique hotels for 24 years. In 2013, he was the director of hospitality at Airbnb. His resume includes many other experiences he has metabolized over the years and is well worth a look.


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“Morning is when I am awake, and there is dawn in me.”

“Morning is when I am awake, and there is dawn in me.”

Henry David Thoreau, 19th Century American naturalist, writer, philosopher

Image from Unsplash by patuphotos

I’m an early to bed and early to rise kind of guy—try as I might over the years to play with my circadian rhythm, this way of living just works best for me.

Mornings always seem to begin with boundless potential, and I love the idea of getting a head start on things well before most people hit their snooze alarm for the first time.


What is your relationship with mornings?

How can the dawn of a new day spark your engagement and efforts to make it a great one?

What if there were no missing pieces in your life

“What if there were no missing pieces in your life? What would be possible if you found yourself to be whole and complete just as you are?”

—Author Unknown

 Image from Unsplash by Ross-Sneddon

We recently met a new neighbor named Larry, who has always been fascinated by puzzles, and a day never passes without him working on one.

Now in his 70’s, he takes great pride in his lifetime pursuit which covers his entire basement—including one of his masterpieces made up of 43,000 pieces!

Wendy and I enjoy talking with him about his passion and how he has created a vibrant and down-to-earth personality that is nicely put together.


How often do you focus on the missing pieces of your life?

What peace, joy and freedom could you find by simply putting together the pieces within yourself and the colorful ones you find along the way?

Discover the quiet moments in your life and absorb their peace

Discover the quiet moments in your life and absorb their peace.

—Calm App Reflection

Image from Unsplash by Karen Easley

I like the phrase “Peace and Quiet.”

Looking at this saying closely, it seems to me that the word quiet should precede the word peace.

Explore for yourself the quiet times of your days and the level of peace you experience.

What is your life like when you operate during high volume situations?

How peaceful do you feel during these insults to your eardrums?


What are some new and better ways you can seek, find, and absorb greater quiet and peace in your life?

Friday Review: Health


Where would you rate your health on your list of priorities? Here are a few related posts you may have missed:

“An apple a day keeps the doctor away.”





“It is no measure of health to be well-adjusted to a profoundly sick society.”





“When you live on a round planet, there is no choosing sides.”




Don’t lose your temper, use it

“Don’t lose your temper, use it.”

Dolly Parton, American musician, actress, philanthropist, and businesswoman

Image from Unsplash by Icons8 Team

Although anger is an emotion most of us prefer not to experience, it does have immense power if harnessed toward good rather than its dark side.

When force faces off with opposing force things usually go poorly. Standing for things we value and believe in is far more powerful that being against issues and people with whom we differ.

When we stand for our beliefs, we exude an energy that can attract and enroll others to consider alternative perspectives and find common ground.


Where and how can you use your temper instead of losing it?

When you are furious, get curious!

“Heavy hearts, like heavy clouds in the sky, are best relieved by

“Heavy hearts, like heavy clouds in the sky, are best relieved by the letting of a little water.”

Christopher Morley, 20th Century American journalist

Image from Unsplash by Road Trip with Raj

Over the past several months I’ve noticed an increase in the water works in my communities.

Beyond numerous strong storms with an abundance of rain, there have been many floodgates of tears released due to various types of heavy burdens.

Today’s quote could go a bit further—just as rain falls to renew the greenery in our world, tears need a shoulder to land on to lighten our emotional loads.


Where are you noticing or experiencing heavy hearts in your world?

Where are people in these communities compassionately coming together to share these showers of emotion to help clear the skies of tomorrow?

Man is flying too fast for a world that is round

“Man is flying too fast for a world that is round.  Soon he will catch up with himself in a great rear end collision.”

James Thurber, 20th Century American cartoonist and playwright

Image from Unsplash by Alessio Lin

For many of us the world is moving way too fast these days.

Visualize a dog chasing its tail and replace this image with yourself or others in your communities.

Wendy and I recently visited some friends in New York and found the highways filled with many speed racers, darting between lanes to shave a few extra minutes from their commutes.

We saw a number of accidents which ended up slowing things down anyway, and many police pulling these folks over to fill up their municipality’s cash reserves.


How fast is your world moving?

How often do you feel like you are chasing your tail and about to have a rear end collision with yourself?

Complacency will not lead us where we want to go

Complacency will not lead us where we want to go. It is necessary to stretch to reach the upper shelves of life.

—Calm App Reflection

Image from Unsplash by Kelly Sikkema

Whether it’s their favorite toy, a snack, or a TV remote, placing items out of reach of our grandkids is no longer working so well. Our 22-month-old granddaughter and 5-year-old grandson have discovered all sorts of climbing strategies to reach the upper shelves mom and dad prefer to remain unexplored.

Our little ones are clearly stretching and reaching beyond previous limitations. Although we admire their initiative and creativity to reach new heights, we need to be ever more vigilant in our efforts to protect them from the downsides of gravity.


Where in your world are you currently stretching to reach the upper shelves of your life? Where have you become complacent in your world, accepting what is being offered within arm’s reach?