The Safe Route and the Best Route

“In your life the safe route and the best route may not be the same route.”

—Author Unknown

What is your perspective or personal philosophy on these phrases?:

  • No risk no reward
  • The biggest risk is not taking any
  • Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all
  • Do one thing every day that scares you
  • Leap and the net will appear


Select the phrases that resonate the most for you and display them on a Post-it Note in a highly visible location in your personal or professional world.

What action will you take to put yourself on the best route to more fully realize your most important and meaningful life goals?

Feel free to reply to this post with the quotes you selected and the actions you plan to take.

Some People Cross Your Path

“Some people cross your path and change your whole direction.”

-Author Unknown

Change Your Direction

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Those who have been following The Quotable Coach for some time already have a mental “time machine,” and have taken various trips into the past and future. If you have not yet built your imaginary time machine, take a moment to do so now.

Today’s trip takes you back in time to visit the friends, family, teachers, mentors, and coaches who have made a positive and lasting difference in your life.

Examine the way in which they were “there for you,” guiding, supporting, and even providing tough love to help you discover and pursue your destiny.


Should any of these people still be around, find a way to acknowledge and thank them for the difference they made in your life.

Where can you play a similar role to support a special person in your personal or professional world?

“It is more important to know where you are going than to get there quickly. Do not mistake activity for achievement.”

“It is more important to know where you are going than to get there quickly. Do not mistake activity for achievement.”

– Mabel Newcomer, economics professor

535Image from Flickr by joeflintham.

The quote above makes me think about the words “effective” and “efficient”. Many people today aim to quicken their pace at lots of daily activities – including eating, work, and most forms of interpersonal communication.

A critical downside of our multi-tasking, fast-paced society is that we are often focused on doing things efficiently, without always being sure we are actually accomplishing what we intend to achieve.


During your day, take a few moments to ask yourself the following question: Is what I’m doing (or about to do) moving me forward to what I desire?

By focusing on where you truly want to go, you won’t mistake activity for achievement.

“Knowing where you’re going is the first step to getting there.”

“Knowing where you’re going is the first step to getting there.”

– Ken Blanchard, American author and management expert

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About ten years ago I had the opportunity to meet Ken Blanchard in person at a coaching conference where he was the keynote speaker. He has co-authored over 30 books including his famous The One Minute Manager. After his keynote, he had a separate breakout session with a smaller group of coaches to conduct an open forum on topics of interest to the group.

Surprisingly, he brought his coach Shirley with him to the discussion. During our session, she made a statement about Ken that left a lasting impression on me. She said, “When I coach Ken, I need to both remember who he is and at the same time forget who he is.” This way, she would be an advocate for his greatness, and not be intimidated by it at the same time.


How can you, like the accomplished Ken Blanchard, keep setting your sights on your personal and professional goals as the first step in achieving them? If you’ve already read The One Minute Manager, consider reading some of his other books: three of my other favourites include Raving Fans, Gung Ho! and Whale Done!