Weeds are Flowers Too

“Weeds are flowers too, once you get to know them.”

-A.A. Milne, Author of Winnie the Poo

image from Flickr by Giovanni Orlando

image from Flickr by Giovanni Orlando

The dandelion is often considered a pesky weed popping up in our lawns each spring. We describe dandelions as “invasive,” as if they were an alien life form that must be eradicated from our lawns, parks, and ball fields.

When you learn a bit about dandelions, you discover their numerous health benefits, such as:

  • A great source of beta carotene which our bodies convert to vitamin A. They are rich in vitamin C, fiber, potassium, iron, calcium, magnesium, zinc, and phosphorus.
  • They are a source of protein.
  • Dandelion greens are have been used to treat anemia, scurvy, skin problems, blood disorders, and even depression.
  • People around the world ferment and enjoy dandelion wine.


Instead of weeds, let’s talk about people. Who are the “weedy” folks you would like to remove or eradicate from your life? What might be possible if, instead, you made efforts to get to know them better?

Friday Review #1

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“It is hard to fly when something is weighing you down.”




“Do what you can, with what you have, where you are.”




“Don’t judge each day by the harvest you reap but by the
seeds you plant.”



”It is not the mountain we conquer but ourselves.”




“Our greatest glory consists not in never falling, but in rising
every time we fall.”

The Scariest Moment

“The scariest moment is always just before you start.”

-Stephen King, American Contemporary Horror Author

Image from themostimportantnews.com

Image from themostimportantnews.com

Take a minute to consider the scariest moments in your life. Things that might come to mind are:

  • Public Speaking
  • A really fast roller coaster ride
  • Skydiving
  • Getting a new job that requires skills you do not have
  • Writing your first book or starting your first business
  • Resigning from a stable job to transition into a new career

Experience all the sensations we associate with fear: cold sweats, shakes, rubbery legs, and your heart pounding in your chest.  How often do you stop and retreat? How often do find the courage to move forward?


I’d like you to try being courageous for just 20 seconds when you experience scary moments. When you feel fear welling up, tell yourself “I can be brave for 20 seconds,” or “I can handle that for 20 seconds.”  Before long, you will discover the exhilaration and excitement of getting past the barrier of fear we all experience.

Start today, and commit to developing a 20-second courage habit every day this week, and beyond.

How We Rise

“We rise by lifting others.”

—Robert Ingersoll, 19th Century American Orator

Image from joinabrightfuture.com

Image from joinabrightfuture.com

As part of my Personal Excellence Training program, each of my clients works on the key skill of increasing their relationship mastery. Without question, progress in this area has enormous benefits, producing qualitative and quantifiable results.

Some of the communication tools are:

    • Taking a sincere and full interest in what others think and believe
    • Listening with your full attention and honoring the value others have to offer
    • Limiting our desire to speak and respond too quickly so that the other person can fully express themselves
    • Being open and receptive to the views and contributions of others


How can you use the techniques listed here, and those you know well, to lift other people up in your personal and professional worlds?  What benefit would you gain in doing so?

Something New

“And suddenly you just know: It’s time to start something new and trust the magic of beginnings.”

—Meister Eckhart, 14th Century German Theologian

image from Linkedin.com

image from Linkedin.com

Happy New Year! I know I am a month late with that sentiment, but today’s quote gives me permission to tap into the special power this idea provides.

Examine how you experienced new beginnings in the past, and how you experience them today. Consider the following list, and feel free to add your own thoughts.

    • Visiting a new city or country
    • Trying a new food or restaurant
    • Starting a new job
    • Meeting new and interesting people
    • Learning something new
    • Shopping for new clothes, a new vehicle, a new home
    • Discovering new capabilities and talents within yourself


How and in what ways can you experience the magical power of beginning something new today?

Move On

“Everything will change when your desire to move on exceeds your desire to hold on.”

—Alan Cohen, Author of Daily Dose of Sanity

Image from Joomlaworks.net

Image from Joomlaworks.net

The ancient Greek mathematician Archimedes once said that if he were given a lever long enough and a fulcrum on which to place it, he could move the world.

Consider, today, your most deeply held commitments for a better future as your long lever, and your most important and foundational values as the fulcrum on which to place them.

One of my other favorite quotes is, your commitment supersedes your comfort.


How and in what ways can you experience the world-moving changes you desire by living each day more consistently with your most cherished commitments and values?


Repeat Back Report Back

“Repeat Back / Report Back”

Tony Mayo, Executive Coach

Image from Linkedin.com

Image from Linkedin.com

Effective communication is perhaps the number one priority for most companies or organizations. It is also a top priority in virtually all our personal worlds as well.

Consider all of the shortcomings and outright failures of communication you observe on a daily basis. In general, the problems are caused by misinterpretation, misconception, and the ever popular assumptions we all have.

When working with others, repeating back to them what you have heard and what you understand will enhance the communication and assure all parties are on the same page. Reporting back to one another allows you to modify plans and efforts along the way, to keep you from getting off track.


Where and with whom in your personal or professional worlds would practicing Repeat Back / Report Back improve your communications and overall effectiveness? Consider making this a habit by using this technique daily.

“Do More Great Work!”

“Do More Great Work!”

—Michael Bungay Stainer, Sr. Partner at Box of Crayons


QC #955








I am currently reading the book Mastery by Robert Greene, with great fascination. The subject of mastery has intrigued me all my life. This brilliant analysis includes stories of a wide variety of historic and current masters, and how their life journeys evolved.

Fundamental to the majority of these stories is a clear and authentic passion for the type of work or activity the subjects pursued. Each person tapped into their own gifts and unique abilities, and combined them with an unstoppable drive to pursue, develop, and contribute their talents to the world.


What does doing more great work mean to you? How can you do less bad work, or stop both the bad and even some good work, to make room for more great work in the year ahead?

Consider making the book Mastery a must read for 2016.

Another favorite I am sure you will enjoy is Do More Great Work by Michael Bungay Stainer, author of today’s quote.

Hard Working People

“Nice, Smart, and Hard Working People Succeed.”

-Author Unknown

QC #954

Image from funds2orgs.com


I often speak on the subject of success with various professional and civic groups as part of my business development efforts. In a presentation called Success: Best Practices, I engage the audience in 24 ideas I’ve discovered over the years. One of my favorites that relates to today’s quote is the acronym A.S.K., which stands for:



By increasing any or all of these qualities, we can all achieve even more. These characteristics also point to the smart and hard-working aspects in today’s quote.

I do very much like niceness as a critical element in building our social capital. This highlights the importance of relationship as a fundamental aspect of success.


How can you use the coaching in today’s quote to enhance your own success journey now and throughout this New Year?

Make it a Game

“Making it into a Game.”

—Author Unknown

Image from blog.bufferapp.com

Image from blog.bufferapp.com

One of the things we like about weekends, vacations and holidays is that they are almost always associated with considerable fun and enjoyment. It is not unusual to block out time during these occasions for games we enjoy.

Alternately, the majority of folks rarely experience work days as filled with fun. Studies by the Gallop Organization indicate that most people work in their areas of strength — and thus their areas of greatest satisfaction — less than half the time.


How could you “gamify” your current personal and professional work efforts? Create new rules and scoreboards to bring greater enjoyment— and perhaps added productivity — to your days.

Consider picking up a copy of the book Play by Stuart Brown, or Google the term gamification to learn how to make 2016 a fun and fulfilling year.